Volume 1 restocked and updated!

After ordering samples from probably most of the playing card companies in China, we finally found an awesome one to work with. When this set was first released, the cards came slightly larger than what was promised by the printing company. This issue has been fixed. All card orders from here forward will be in the size that we all wanted to begin with. Sorry that we were too big for some of you last time, though your mom didn’t seem to mind. All of these decks will be labeled as Volume 1.1 on the back of the pack. The most noticeable change besides sizing is that the card fronts have been changed to a very dark blue and light yellow. Card backs are still black and white, though the formatting is slightly changed. You can see the updates¬†in the above photo. This should not affect gameplay. If it does, you are not drinking enough. There are some minor changes to some of the card contents. For example, the “Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win an Oscar for his role in _______.” card is outdated and gone. Grunting for an hour and getting mauled by a CGI bear did the trick. The new deck now contains 110 cards: 34 question cards and 76 answer cards.

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