Cards & Punishment: Vol. 1

  • An unofficial, unauthorized, 3rd party expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity
  • You must own Cards Against Humanity to use this expansion. It is not for use without original game.
  • Professionally printed on casino-quality cards with a linen-finish.
  • Includes 34 question cards and 76 answer cards.
  • Now in the correct size, for her pleasure! (Pleasure not guaranteed)

Love Cards Against Humanity but find yourself playing with the same old cards all alone? Have some empty space burning a hole on one side of your Bigger, Blacker Box? Want to spice up your game and be the coolest uncool kid in the neighborhood? Then Cards & Punishment is the expansion pack for you! This deck was designed to be used as an addition to your original game and make you a better person! Please note, this is now the second printing. Size issues have been fixed, meaning reviews of cards being too big are so last year. Now, they're just what your mother ordered. Card backs are still black and white with a minor formatting change. Card front colors are now Dark I Just Blue Myself and Tainted Ejaculate Light Yellow.


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Volume 1

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 3 cm