Cards & Punishment: Vol. 2

  • And yet another unofficial, unauthorized, 3rd party expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity
  • You must own Cards Against Humanity to use this expansion. It is not for use without original game.
  • Professionally printed on casino-quality cards with a linen-finish.
  • Includes 33 question cards and 77 white cards (one blank).
  • Now in the correct size, for her pleasure! (Pleasure not guaranteed)
You didn't ask for it, so here it is! Volume 2 of Cards & Punishment is here like news that you're pregnant with twins: unwanted, more than you asked for, and just an additional expense. Please note, there have been a couple of required changes from the first printing of volume 1. Size issues have been fixed; you're welcome ladies. Card backs are still black and white with a minor formatting change. Card front colors are now Dark Blue Balls and Someone Else Peed the Bed Light Yellow.


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Vol 2

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 3 cm